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Baerlocher is known as a leading producer of additives developed for the processing of PVC products. The company provides solutions for window profiles, pipes, cables, floorings, foils and films, and many more applications – Its focus is on offering a wide range of innovative additives that meet the highest requirements in terms of efficiency, sustainability and quality of the final product.

Due to its range of special additives, Baerlocher is also a competent partner for a wide variety of industries including everything from construction through to electronics as well as a wide range in between. Baerlocher´s special additives help to optimize production processes and increase product quality in all of these applications. 


Plastics create new solutions for the future! Additives play a crucial role in determining processing properties and product quality. Baerlocher supports the plastics industry all over the world by developing and manufacturing high-quality, innovative plastic additives.

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