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Baerlocher at NPE

From 2-4pm Monday through Wednesday, find guest speakers and industry experts at our booth coming together in the spirit of our Summit Motto: "Teach, Learn, Collaborate". More details here.

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Scott Trenor, APR

Greg Janson, Grantite Peak Plastics

John Avolio,

Nova Chemicals

Kim Kern, Baerlocher USA

Jacyr Quadros, Innoleics

Tammy rucker.jpg

Tammy Rucker, Revolution Plastics

robert wahlmueller.jpg

Robert Wahlmueller, EREMA

20231211_174233 (1).jpg

Mike Short, Baerlocher USA

HS -3.jpg

Paul Benvenuti, 

Reynolds Brands

IMG_1334 (1).jpg

Doug Miner,  Polyfit

Varinia Lueck, 

W. Mueller

Sam Sullivan, 

Palmer Holland

Travis Johnston,

Aropha Inc

Jason Upthegrove,

Baerlocher USA


Kushal Panchal, Oligomaster Inc

Mark your calendar to visit our booth to learn from industry experts in recycling and sustainability in PVC and Polyolefins - including topics like PFAS free PPA, calcium-based stabilizers and lubricants for PVC, design for recycling, and more.

Baerlocher's trusted advisors will be available throughout the show - these scheduled hours in the afternoon will feature special guests from throughout the value chain. Come by to learn, discuss, and ask questions.


Need one of our SPA or PVC flyers in digital form? We've got you covered! 

NPE 2024 Summit Experience Schedule-At-A-Glance

Add our booth to your calendar here:

Monday 2-3pm - PVC Tech Talks with Baerlocher technical specialists Kim Kern and Jason Upthegrove on PVC Stabilization and Lubrication

Monday 3-4pm - Polyolefins Recycling Tech Talks with Varinia Lueck of W Muller, Robert Wahlmueller of EREMA, Sam Sullivan of Palmer Holland, and Paul Benvenuti of Reynolds Brands featuring Hefty® ReNew® 

Tuesday 2-3pm - PVC Tech Talks with Baerlocher technical specialists Mike Short and John Dallatore, Jacyr Quadros from Innoleics on Bioplasticizer and Liquid Mixed Metals, and Kushal Panchal from Oligomaster Inc on the PVC industry and circular economy

Tuesday 3-4pm - Design for recycling with Scott Trenor from APR, Designing PCR into Packaging with John Avolio from Nova Chemicals, Varinia Lueck of W Muller, and Paul Benvenuti of Reynolds Brands featuring Hefty® ReNew®

Wednesday 2-3pm - PVC Recycling with Travis Johnston from Aropha Inc, and Baerlocher's Technical Services with Perry Reed

Wednesday 3-4pm - Polyolefins Recycling and Baerlocher's Technical Services, Greg Janson of Granite Peak Recycling, Tammy Rucker of Revolution Plastics, and Doug Miner of Polyfit 

For more information on Baerlocher's products and new developments, check out our website

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