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  • High cost efficiency

  • More precise dosing

  • Less dosing steps

  • Optimization of production

  • Global availability


With its BAEROPOL one-packs, Baerlocher provides the plastics industry with additive packages based on customized formulations. The customized polymer-free one-packs contain not only the basic stabilizers, but also other additives required for special applications. Depending on customer requirements, the formulations can contain antioxidants, lubricants, release agents, acid scavengers, nucleating agents, antistatic agents, light stabilizers and many other functional additives.

These one-pack additive blends are available in several convenient product forms are easy to handle and either low or free dusting. They require far less complex dosing systems and reduce the risk of production errors and open up high potential for savings whilst improving the quality of the end products.

BAEROPOL additive blends can be used for the production of different films and foils, food packaging and medical devise packaging, printing inks, rain water tanks, car bumpers and bituminous waterproofing membranes.

Product Forms

R Granules.png

R Granules

  • free flowing

  • robust handling characteristics

  • high feeding accuracy

  • good dispersibility

  • suitable to be stored in silo

  • low dust

SP Sprayed Prills.png

SP Sprayed Prills

  • very low dusting

  • absolutely free flowing granules

  • compatible with powder blends

  • very high bulk density

  • high feeding accuracy

TX Pastilles.png

TX Pastilles

  • absolutely dust-free

  • suitable to be stored in silo

  • free flowing

  • durable, high abrasion resistance

  • improved industrial hygeine





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