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Fatty Acids / Glycerine


  • Short-term availability from stock

  • Raw materials based on natural fats



Fatty acids are one of the pillars of the oleochemical supply chain. Their outstanding properties make them ideal for the use in a multitude of applications. Stearic acid is one of the most important fatty acid types in oleochemicals. It is based on renewable raw materials such as animal fat and palm oil. Apart from stearic acid, Baerlocher also manufactures hydrogenated fats of different grades.


Product Forms

The different stearic acid grades and hydrogenated fats are available in liquid product form as well as flakes and sprayed prills that are easy to disperse and free-flowing.


  • dosage accuracy

  • easy storage in tanks

  • easy homogenization in polymers and with other ingredients

  • quick and safe flow through pumps

SP Sprayed Prills

  • very low dusting

  • absolutely free flowing granules

  • compatible with powder blends

  • very high bulk density

  • high feeding accuracy

SMS Flakes

  • absolutely dust free

  • suitable to be stored in silo

  • free flowing

  • durable, high abrasion resistance

  • improved industrial hygeine

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