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  • Excellent processing

  • Excellent heat stability

  • Low odor

  • Excellent indoor air quality (low VOCs)

  • Good compatibility with plasticizers


Flexible PVC is used in a variety of applications. The plasticizer incorporated in the PVC matrix increases its flexibility to almost any desired level, and significantly extends its scope of applications.


Normally flexible PVC formulations are processed at lower temperatures compared to rigid and semi-rigid PVC. Type and dosage of PVC stabilizers are selected according to the process technology, working conditions and PVC finished products. Liquid mixed metal stabilizers, such as Ba/Zn and Mg/Zn, are commonly used.


Solid mixed metals are preferred when the final application requires low VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and the absence of phenol and solvents. Flexible PVC applications can be divided into two main categories: technical and medical.





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