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Baeropol RST


  • REACH registered

  • Listed in many chemical inventories (e.g. EINECS, TSCA, etc.)

  • Food contact approval

  • Partially or fully replaces phosphites and antacids

  • Increases long term stability

  • Enhanced performance

BAEROPOL RST (Resin Stabilization Technology)

BAEROPOL RST is a new family of customizable additive blends that work synergistically with phenolic antioxidants to stabilize polyolefin resins.

These new products allow for replacement of traditional antacids and replacement or reduction of phosphite loadings as well as switching from high end/hydrolytically unstable phosphites to lower cost/stable phosphites.

BAEROPOL RST can be used to improve color of current resins and allow historically poor colored resins to compete with historically better colored resins. Also it has excellent polymer solubility and hydrolytic stability. These products are suitable for a broad spectrum of polyolefin applications including a variety of manufacturing technologies and catalyst systems.

Product Forms

SP Sprayed Prills

  • very low dusting

  • absolutely free flowing granules

  • compatible with powder blends

  • very high bulk density

  • high feeding accuracy

TX Pastilles

  • absolutely dust-free

  • suitable to be stored in silo

  • free flowing

  • durable, high abrasion resistance

  • improved industrial hygeine

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