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  • Optimization of production processes

  • Specific targeted influence on viscosity

  • High lubrication and release properties

  • Optimization of surface characteristics

  • High cost efficiency

Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) and 
Bulk Molding Compound (BMC)

Construction parts made from SMC and BMC are an important market in the field of fiber-reinforced plastics. They can be ideally adapted to the most recent requirements of the processing industry.

Metal soaps, especially calcium and zinc stearates, can influence the properties of thermosets in many different ways. Metal soaps can help adapt the viscosity of molding compounds during processing, but also act as mould release agents during subsequent processing stages in the forming presses, thus helping to control and optimize the manufacturing process.

Additives for thermosets are often exposed to particular stress such as heat, external mechanical forces or wear and tear, as their main application is in the automotive industry or in the manufacturing of housings for electronic construction parts.





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