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  • Protect polymer chain integrity

  • Consistent resin processing

  • Long term part stability

  • Color improved natural parts

  • Tuneable for custom needs

BAEROPOL T-BLENDs, Polymer Stabilizers

BAEROPOL T-BLENDs are a product family of blended synergistic polymer stabilizers preformulated to provide superior stabilization for most polymer applications.

BAEROPOL T-BLENDs have excellent polymer solubility and hydrolytic stability and are suitable for a variety of applications including food packaging and regrind stabilization.

BAEROPOL T-BLENDs can give recycled polymers and prime resin compounds improved melt stability and enhanced final product performance in the form of increased part life. For parts made from unpigmented polymers or for recycled resins with no pigmentation, ­T-BLENDs minimize the yellowing of these products.

BAEROPOL T-BLENDs are dry compressed forms that are dust free, homogeneous and are easily added into typical polymer processing equipment.

Product Forms

R Granules.png

R Granules

  • free flowing

  • robust handling characteristics

  • high feeding accuracy

  • good dispersibility

  • suitable to be stored in silo

  • low dust

SP Sprayed Prills.png

SP Sprayed Prills

  • very low dusting

  • absolutely free flowing granules

  • compatible with powder blends

  • very high bulk density

  • high feeding accuracy

TX Pastilles.png

TX Pastilles

  • absolutely dust-free

  • suitable to be stored in silo

  • free flowing

  • durable, high abrasion resistance

  • improved industrial hygeine





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