• Excellent processing 

  • Excellent heat stability 

  • Low odor 

  • Excellent indoor air quality (low VOCs) 

  • Excellent dispersion 

  • Excellent cell structure in foamed applications 


PVC finished articles are mainly produced via calendering or spread coating (plastisol). In some applications, the combination of PVC with other materials like polyester or glass fibers provide excellent mechanical properties and very good dimensional stability, durability, hygienic properties, stain resistance, weather resistance, heat aging resistance, and aesthetic appearance.


Examples of PVC finished products are: tarpaulins, tents, hospital and gym floors as well as wall coverings. Specific types of stabilizers are selected for these applications according to production technology and process conditions. Stabilizers should provide good initial color and heat stability, good transparency (in the case of clear wear layer), good printability, low VOCs (volatile organic compounds), low phenol and low odor.


For foamed PVC formulations, special types of stabilizers, called kickers, are used.Typically, they are liquids based on K and Zn carboxylates of solid ZnO. These products work as heat stabilizers, and activate the decomposition of the PVC blowing agent (usually azodicarbonamide) at low temperatures. Wall covering and flooring industries often use kickers.

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