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  • Wide variety of product forms

  • Optimization of lubricity and demoulding properties

  • Stabilizing effect as acid scavenger

  • Optimization of production

Metal soaps and waxes are widely used in the field of polymers, including polyolefins (polypropylene and polyethylene), polystyrene, polyamides and polyesters. In these areas they are used in a wide range of applications as acid scavengers, such as mold release agents and release agents, as well as internal and external lubricants.

Because of the large surface and the different melting points of various metal soaps, the flow properties of thermoplastics are improved. This also prevents sticking during processing on rollers, as well as in screw and injection molding machinery. During processing, metal soaps improve rheology, prevent problems such as fiber breakage and speck formation, and optimize the surface properties of the final products, ensuring a significant increase in production.


The high quality requirements in the field of polymers have led to the development of thermally stable metal soaps that are aimed at preventing color changes at relatively high processing temperatures.





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